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Churches v. COVID: Freedom of Assembly vs. Freedom from Disease?

Please read the links below.

Oregon Health Authority Containment Strategy

Oregon Health Authority Testing Strategy

Order, Circuit Court of Oregon JudgeShirtlickrulingElkhornBaptChurchcase

Motion, Attorney General AttorneyGeneralMotionForStay

Order, Oregon Supreme Court Order-Motion-to-Stay-Elkhorn-v-Brown

State of Florida Executive Order 20-91

Topics for discussion:

  • What is a preliminary injunction? a motion? a stay?
  • Who possesses legal authority to make emergency decisions?
  • Explain the sequence of events and the current situation in Oregon.
  • By comparison, explain the situation in Florida.
  • Explain, from the perspective of a public health authority, the implications of lifting stay-at-home orders?
  • Consider how stay-at-home orders create winners and losers in society, and how the law attempts to reconcile these tensions.