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Fall 2019 Syllabus Civ Pro Syll Rizzardi Aug Fall 2019 updated 082219

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Selected Slides Part I Fall 2019

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10/3 Guest lecture, Quiz, Begin Moliiterno Ch. 3(Swift v. Tyson)
10/7 CALI extra credit due: Transient Jurisdiction, General Jurisdiction, and Domicile
10/8 Midterm (fill-in-the-blank, MC and essay on SMJ, Removal, Supp J, PJ, Service, Venue)
10/15 Finish Moliterno Ch. 3 (Erie, Hanna, Gasperini)
10/17 Moliterno Chapter 4A
10/22 Moliterno Chapter 4B, 4C
10/24 Moliterno Chapter 5 (pp.223-255)

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